What is Internet Marketing?

When you use the internet to market your product or website it is called internet marketing. In most cases people who work offline do not understand much about internet marketing. People who have little experience with internet will tell you that you create a website in the name of your business or product and that is all. In fact internet marketing is much more than that. Building a website for your business is only the first step.


Visitors from personal referrals:

After creating a website you may ask where the visitors will come from. Some of your first visitors may come from your personal referral. May be you have told many people about your business and website. Some of them will feel interested and will visit your site. Again, if you included the address of your website in your business card, many people will know about your website and when necessary they will visit your website. Visitors visiting your website in these ways will not be many. They will be a small percentage of your total visitors.


Visitors from back links:

Back links can be a great source of traffic for your website if you put some effort in it. The links which are in other websites and pointing to your website will act like a “calling card” for you and your business. When people will click on those links they will be taken to your website. You may try to create those links on other people’s website or if they feel interested and find it useful they may create a link (pointing back to your website) in their website.


The possible source of links from other web pages:

Now you may ask that what can be the possible source of links from other websites pointing to your website. You can get some quality back links by article marketing. For this you need to create articles describing the products or services which are related to your website and including one or two back links in those articles. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ also can be a source of the links. You can also create back links using forums, blog commenting. You should try all these possible sources to link back to different pages of your website.


Links and search engine rank:

Back links (the links pointing to your website) can be very important consideration for Google (Google is the most popular search engine) to determine the position or rank of your website. If you have many links from popular websites pointing towards your website the page rank of website will be higher. A higher page rank will help your website to appear at the top of the search results. Suppose your website appears in the top five result of a search; then your website will get huge amount of visitors. So now you know that your website can get visitors from the back links and if your website does well in the search results of major search engines it can greatly help you in internet marketing.

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