SEO Clients & Testimonials

SEO Clients & Testimonials

Hi…I just wanted to put together some of the nice things people have been saying about my SEO services recently, and also a link to some of my clients…thanks all!

“Mark Boardman is an SEO genius. I have absolutely no idea how he does it, but he can transform Google rankings before you can say “Wow, that’s incredible…” In the space of only a few days, First For Copy’s website went from being non-existent as far as Google was concerned to being on page one for both the UK and the US Google. Trust me, Mark Boardman is who you need if you want to make your website go from zero to hero, over night!”

Caroline Dalzell –

Mark has done a superb job in firing our site up the rankings, we have already referred some of our clients to him without a moments hesitation. Thanks Mark

Alex Rimmer – Sirona Solutions

I had a blog, but nobody was reading it! Thanks for getting my blog noticed!

Catherine Neary –

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