If We Behave Like Barbarians, We Become Barbarians.

Slaying Internet Trolls.

Trolls! It’s a fact of digital life that the web is littered with internet trolls. In my experience the huge, vast majority of people are good, wholesome and a bit cuddly. However there is the dark underbelly of society that is reflected online.

YouTube is renowned for its problems with hateful, racist and abusive comments, and there is a growing trend on social media sites for similar trolling and online bullying. This is a wider social problem, and certainly not one to be entirely addressed in this short post.


However, I do have one piece of advice for dealing with trolls. Ignore them!

It’s all too easy to get dragged into a pointless and ever more vitriolic argument with a complete stranger, a faceless nobody and as you get dragged into an argument you sink to their level, you become them!

Arguing on Twitter with a moron is as pointless as grass on a sandwich. Honestly, you may as well pick a fight with the cat or a phone box.


As I am more active on Twitter than any other social platform it is easy for me to offer advice.

Here is my 3 step plan to dealing with internet trolls on Twitter:

  • Ignore Them
  • Block Them
  • Forget Them

It took hours of toil, sweat and tears to come up with such a detailed plan. But it really is so obvious and easy to do.

As I say, this isn’t about cyber bullying in general, just a bit of advice on how to stop feeding the trolls and get on with your day.

Speak soon!


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