How To Find Guest Blogging Sites

Your first guest post:

If you have no experience of writing guest post and wondering where you can publish your first guest post then here is our suggestion. A new writer having no past record of publishing his guest post often finds it difficult to publish his guest post when he tries to publish the post in a popular blog. You have to write a very good quality and unique guest post to be able to publish the post in a popular blog or blog having higher pagerank. Sometimes the blog owner of a popular blog or high pagerank blog is not satisfied only by quality but also demands fee per guest post. So how will you publish your first guest post? Your friends who own blogs can help you to publish your first guest post.


The next step:

After publishing several guest posts with the help of your friend bloggers you may feel that you have got some experience and now ready to publish your guest post in more popular blogs and reach new readers and attract more regular and quality visitors to your own blog. Although we mentioned earlier that some blog owners may demand fee per guest post but there is also another side. Guest blogging is in fact beneficial to both blog owners and guest writers. The blog owner is benefited by free articles; he does not need to spend his labour and time to write the post. On the other side the guest writer gets exposure and valuable backlinks. So if your article is well written many blog owners will gladly publish your post.


Using the search engine:

Here it can be mentioned that you should not select a random niche for your guest post. You should look for blogs which cover similar subject as your blog or website. If the main topic of your blog is home improvement then for your guest post you should look for the blogs which mainly discuss about home improvement. A search engine such as Google can help you a lot to find these blogs which accept guest posts but for this you must use correct keywords. Below are some examples:


ü  Guest blogging sites

ü  Guest blogging sites list

ü  Top guest blogging sites

ü  Best guest blogging sites

ü  High PR guest blogging sites

ü  List of high PR guest blogging sites


There are also another set of key words which can be helpful –


ü  Submit your post

ü  Write for us

ü  Guest post

ü  Guest post wanted

ü  Accepting guest posts


Using Guest Blogging Forums:

Another very useful way to find guest blogging opportunity is to become member of several guest blogging forums. All you have to do is to open a new thread describing your objectives. Here you can shortly describe some features and points of your post. Then after some time you will get replies from blog owners who wish to publish your post. Then ask the blog owners for the web addresses of their blogs and visit. Check the subject, pagerank or alexa rank or design of those blogs and decide which blog will be best for your guest post. Below are five examples of such forums or networks:



ü  GuestBlogIt

ü  GroupHigh

ü  Guestr

ü  BlogDash


Using social network:

You can also take the advantage of social networking sites to find out guest posting opportunities. There are many groups which are dedicated to only guest blogging.


Another useful way:

Here we shall describe another very useful way. You can track some established guest bloggers. You can search using “guest post by” followed by the name of the guest blogger. This way you can find many popular blogs/sites which accept guest posts.


You can try any of the above methods which suits your objective.

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