Guest Blogging

Blogyourworld welcomes with open arms and a warm, loving embrace guest blog posts from all over the world. And this isn’t just me being lazy, each guest post has to be checked for readability and uniqueness (all posts are run through copyscape). The idea here is to inform and entertain.  After all, it is education that has made us all what we are (to paraphrase Helvetius, the wise old bird)


Plus, you'll get your post marketed to my 100,000+ Twitter followers

So here are some ground rules:

  • No adult stuff. Zero tolerance on this one, we’re not a public toilet.
  • No swearing. Well maybe the occasional light expletive if it is deemed necessary for the continuation and development of the post.
  • Make it interesting. This may seem obvious, but long winded, boring self indulgence isn't what people want to read, we can do that ourselves.
  • Be original. Originality always pays dividends. Nothing generic thanks.
  • Have a point and get to it. Self explanatory really, but make sure your post is going somewhere, and makes sure it arrives in good time for dinner.
  • If it can’t be interesting then make it funny. Humour works really well and will get many more people ambling through to your blog.
  • Add a bio, but no spam. This is very important. Links to your site or relevant sites are welcomed, of course, but no affiliate links to the latest get rich quick scheme or super-duper Viagra.
  • Add an image or video. So long as it is relevant to the content.
  • Quote your sources. It seems only fair.
  • Post length? 500 words is the ideal, but make sure it isn't any greater than 900 or less than 400 unless you are an expert on the exquisite art of flash fiction.
  • I also have zero tolerance on articles about Justin Beiber.


Send an email to guest @ with your blog post, or make contact through twitter.  If you have examples of your work published elsewhere on the web then send a link to some examples, but don’t worry if not.

Sound good? I’m getting a warm and fuzzy feeling already. See you on the other side!




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