3 Reasons to holiday in the New Year

But spring isn’t here yet!


When it comes to the end of Christmas lull, when businesses are cranking up their engines again and work isn’t too busy, why haven’t you thought of taking a holiday? It may be cold in the UK and Wales right now, but some of the best holidays to be had are in the winter time, and if you wrap up warm, or choose a caravan with good heating, you can take great advantage of some great benefits of holidaying in the off season.

1. You’ll get better service

Like it or not, people don’t always have the time to offer the best service in peak periods, and you might not experience the best service on offer. Holiday at this time of the year and many people will be begging for your custom, and will bend over backwards to help you have a great holiday.

2. You’ll pay less

Simple but true. If you’re on a budget, now is the best time to holiday. You will pay up to 60% less at many caravan parks across the country and can have an enjoyable holiday for a much cheaper price. Many caravan parks have an indoor pool/club, so you needn’t venture too far outside of your caravan if you don’t want to.

3. You’ll more than likely avoid getting ill

Many people return to the office once they’ve had their Christmas break, full of germs and a bit low generally, so it’s easy to catch many of the bugs that have been hanging about just waiting to get us! Going on holiday will avoid mixing with the germs congregating in the office and if you take in some fresh air there’s no reason why you cant return to work feeling fresh as a daisy and full of ideas for your career in the new year.


So why not take a look at some of the great holidays available at this time of year. You could enjoy a cheap winter break and beat the January blues. Just imagine, a brisk walk along the sea front, and a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up when you get in, walking off those Christmas pounds and blowing away the cobwebs. By the time you return, at the end of a relaxing yet invigorating break, the January blues will be a distant memory.

Happy New Year from all of us at Think Leisure!

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